Proposed Bus Stops

The East Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission (EARPDC) is proposing Fixed bus stops for the Areawide Community Transportation System (ACTS) Fixed-Route transit program. The current routes can be viewed here:  North/East / West/South

To date, buses stop to pick up or drop off passengers on an "on-demand" basis. Due to the increased passenger load, the increasing number of destinations, and most recent route re-configuration, each route has begun to take longer than the 53-55 minutes allotted to complete it's route.

EARPDC, in an effort to continue to provide a safe, efficient, friendly, and affordable transit service, is proposing to have fixed stops where passengers would get on and off. The proposed stops can be viewed in a listing HERE. A picture of each proposed stop can also be viewed by route:  North    South    East    West

A map of the routes with a marker indicating each proposed stop can be viewed:  North   South   East   West

EARPDC is seeking comments on the proposed stops. Every effort has been made to ensure each stop is safe, warrented, legal, and practical. It is in the best interest of the public to have a voice in all changes in their community, whether they are a direct consumer or not. Comments can be made via email to or, downloading the Comment Form and returning it via email or fax (256-237-6763) or U.S. Mail to: 

Shane Christian, Project Director
P.O. Box 2186
Anniston, AL 36202

Comments will be taken throughout the planning process.

A listing of the proposed stops, along with route maps indicating proposed stops, are available for review at the office of the EARPDC, 1130 Quintard Avenue, Suite 300 Anniston, AL
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