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Authorized Project List for the Calhoun Area MPO - Fiscal Year 2021
The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) requires MPOs to publish a list of projects that were authorized in the previous fiscal year and involved federal highway or transit funds. A project is considered authorized when a funding contract has been completed. The authorized project list includes those projects funded in the fiscal year 2018, which ran from October 1, 2018, through September 30, 2019.
Authorized Project List for the Calhoun Area MPO - Fiscal Year 2020
Authorized Project List for the Calhoun Area MPO - Fiscal Year 2019
Authorized Project List for the Calhoun Area MPO - Fiscal Year 2018

Transportation Improvement Program Fiscal Years 2020-2023
The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a short-range four-year schedule of a prioritized list of transportation improvement projects. The TIP consists not only of MPO projects sponsored by the local jurisdictions, but also related projects funded by and through several funding sources including ALDOT, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the State Safety Program, the Federal Railroad Administration, special Congressional earmarks or demonstration projects, and others.
The TIP is updated every 4 years and amended as necessary between updates. 

Transportation Improvement Program Fiscal Years 2016-2019

2045 Long Range Transportation Plan 
The purpose of the Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) is to coordinate the metropolitan long-range transportation planning for the Calhoun Area MPO. This document identifies transportation improvements such as capacity building, operations, and maintenance projects that will be needed over the next 25 years.
The LRTP planning process must also include citizen and public official involvement and participation as well as a financial plan. 
The LRTP is updated every 5 years and amended as needed between each update.
Long-Range Transportation Plan - 2040

Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan 2022
In November 2003, the MPO developed and adopted its first Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan for the area, and updated the plan in 2012, 2019,and 2022. This plan identifies potential pedestrian and bicycle facility improvement projects and policies.

A goal of the Bicycle/Pedestrian plan is to increase safety and quality-of-life as well as ensure that non-motorized transportation is established as a part of the transportation network. Projects and policies in the  Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan can be funded by or through several options including the general fund of the local jurisdiction, Transportation Enhancement Program grants, National Recreational Trails (NRT) grant program or allocation of MPO funds.

MPO staff have also provided on-going administrative, grant application development, and technical assistance for the construction of the Chief Ladiga Trail, rails-to-trails project.

Public Participation Plan 2019
The purpose of the Public Participation Plan (PPP) is to describe the public participation goals and strategies of the MPO. This document outlines performance measures that the MPO uses to evaluate its public involvement efforts. The PPP also includes requirements to provide meeting notices in the second language of the urban area (Spanish), Title VI Language Assistance notices and Complaint Forms in both English and Spanish, as well as provide interpretation services if requested. 

The MPO's Title VI Program and Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Plans are included in the PPP.

Unified Planning Work Program 
The Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) is developed annually by the MPO to outline necessary transportation planning activities and tasks for the MPO staff in the upcoming fiscal year.


Other Plans

MPO Bylaws
The MPO Bylaws outline how the transportation planning process is organized and operates by listing the responsibilities of the committees and the process coordinator, establishing the limitations of each committee, detailing the membership of each committee, and by outlining the organization and meeting structure. 

Annual Reports: 
Fiscal Year 2021

East Alabama Coordinated Public Transit and Human Services Transportation Plan 2020-2023 
East Alabama Coordinated Public Transit and Human Services Transportation Plan 2017-2020

MPO Member Governments ADA Transition Plans
In 2015, each of the six MPO member governments worked to update ADA Transition plans. These updates were completed in January 2016. 
Talladega County 
Calhoun County 
Hobson City


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