Allen, Tia, Project Director
Benton, Starrius, Case Manager I
Blakley, Tabetha, Social Work Coordinator (Case Management)
Booker, Sierra, Case Manager I
Brewer, Michael, Principal GIS Analyst
Brooks, Candace, Receptionist
Brown, Cassandra, Contractor

Carter, Tiffany, Bookeeper
Chatman, Geneva, Senior Program Support Specialist (Senior Center Services)
Cherry, Alaine, Senior Bookkeeper
Christian, Shane, Project Director (Public Transportation)
Compton, Heath, Senior Human Services Coordinator (Public Transportation)
Corley, Lori, Executive Director
Cosby, Norma, Project Coordinator (SenioRx)
Creech, Sean, Independent Clinical Social Worker/Director of Long Term Services and Support
Davis, Michele, Senior Social Work Coordinator (Case Management)
Driggers, Kathy, Principal Social Work Coordinator (Case Management)
Durham, Belva, Project Director (Senior Center Services)
Embry, Ashley, Case Manager I
Ferrell, Tyler, Regional Planner
Foster, Sebrena, Project Administrator (SHIP / SenioRx)
Freeman, Taja, Case Manager I
Gaddis, KaTrinia, Registered Nurse
Garrett, LaTonya, Senior Social Work Coordinator (Case Management)
Graham, Carlie, Social Work Coordinator (Case Management)
Gunn, Stanley, Custodian
Haggard, Chelsea, Case Manager I
Hanck, Nancy, Accountant
Harbin, Edwin, Principal Cartographer
Hendricks, Alfreda, Project Administrator (Ombudsman)
Hill, Sharon, Senior Social Work Coordinator (Case Management)
Humber, Frank, Director of Planning & Economic Development/Deputy
Hurst, Ellen, Project Administrator (CARES)
Jenkins, Cassandra, Project Administrator (Case Management)
Kallem, Ryan, Principal Planner
Keel, Darrell, Fiscal Officer
Landholm, Dawn, Principal Planner (Regional Planning, Program Manager)

Langley, April, Case Manager I
Lee, Whitney, Contractor
Lindsey, Danielle, Personal Choices (Case Manager II)
Laymon, Jolene, Elder Law Assistant
Marbury, Shunda, Case Manager I
Martin, Alexander, Case Manager I
McCormick, Heather, Principal Social Work Coordinator (SRC)
McLemore, Leona, Contractor
McNeal, Summer, Transitional Coordinator (Case Manager II)
Messick, Elizabeth (Libby), Regional Planner
Mitchell, Melinda, Case Manager I
Monroe, Robert, Project Administrator (Cartography / Fleet Mgt.)
Phillips, Carlton, Contractor
Reed, Carmela, Personal Choices (Case Manager II)
Rich, James, Attorney
Roy, Kim, Project Administrator (Case Manager III)
Sawyer, Chuck, Quality Assurance (Case Manager II)
Scales, Sabrina, Senior Case Manager I
Seales, Sarah, Alabama Community Transitions Waiver (Case Manager II)
Sheets, Jennifer, Principal Secretary
Smith, Lana, Principal Social Work Coordinator (SRC)
Spivey, Kelly, Senior Case Manager
Storey, Latonia, Project Administrator (Case Manager III)
Studdard, Deborah, Principal Program Support Specialist (Senior Services)

Thomas, Renea, Human Resources Director/Office Manager/EEO Compliance Officer
Vingers, Amanda, Principal Social Work Coordinator (Case Manager)
Wallace, Lori, Senior Social Work Coordinator (Case Management)
Wilson, Melody, Project Administrator (Title V)
Wyckoff, Nikki, Case Manager I
Yancey, Jessie, Social Work Coordinator (Case Management)
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