Cooperative  Purchasing

The East Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission serves as the host agency and awarding authority for the East Alabama Cooperative Purchasing Association (EACPA). Membership is available to local governments within Calhoun, Chambers, Cherokee, Clay, Cleburne, Coosa, Etowah, Randolph, Talladega, and Tallapoosa Counties. All agencies subject to the Alabama Competitive Bid Law and qualifying non-profit agencies in these counties are eligible to join EACPA. Additionally, special conditional membership is extended to agencies in adjoining counties.

The objective of the EACPA is to develop bids and manage the bid process for commonly used bid items for its members. Joint bids are issued to realize lower costs for bid items previously bid individually by its members. Further benefits from the EACPA joint bids are reduced administrative costs, increased purchasing power, and promotion of purchasing operations and professionalism for its members. Use of EACPA bids is voluntary. EACPA members have the option of using the EACPA bids, the State of Alabama bid list, bidding items on their own, or using any other cooperative bids as allowed by state law.

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