Mapping & GIS Services

The East Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission provides mapping and Geographic Information System (GIS) services to its member governments. The Commission’s cartographic staff prepares base maps, zoning district maps, street classification maps, utility system maps, and environmental limitation maps in support of the Commission’s general planning services. All maps currently prepared by the Commission’s staff are digitial. The Commission’s staff is assisting member governments in the development of Geographic Information Systems. The Commission’s staff prepares redistricting maps for city councils, county commissions, and school boards. The Commission also provides mapping services to local utility systems. The Commission’s staff prepares specialized mapping in support of the Calhoun Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), the East Alabama Rural Planning Organization (RPO) and state-contracted studies and inventories. The Commission’s staff also provides technical support for market analyses and provides maps and data to support the region’s chambers of commerce and economic development organizations.

For more information regarding Mapping / Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services contact:

michael brewerPrincipal GIS analyst

For calls after hours, use extension 146 to leave a message.

Edwin Harbinprincipal cartographer

For calls after hours, use extension 156 to leave a message.